IAM Connectors

We help our customers streamline workflows by connecting IAM tools of their choice with various enterprise applications through custom connectors conceptualized, designed, architected and developed by IDM People. It is a reality of the day and age we live in that every product available in the market is not seamlessly integrated with popular and not so popular solutions hence it has to be supported with the additional capabilities in order to communicate with enterprise applications. We at IDM People as application integrators bring together enterprise IT platforms, databases, directories, business applications and SaaS applications in order to run the IDM/ IAM technology infrastructure and we do it by helping you create a custom connector which can be done quickly and cost effectively.

In keeping with years of expertise in the IAM space, IDM People has created ready to deploy connectors. Our connectors are easy to use and reduce the need for frequent access certifications, helps improve collaborative decision-making for IT management. Some of these connectors are:

  • Sailpoint and Okta connector
  • Sailpoint and Salesforce connector
  • Sailpoint and AWS connector
  • Sailpoint and Datawarehouse connector
  • Sailpoint and Workday connector