Salesforce is a pioneer and world leader in the multi-tenant cloud solutions. Their SaaS and PaaS models have set the industry standards.

Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Platform are both state of the art solutions for customers of all segments. We at IDM People have large talent pool to deliver on both these fronts. Our resources are certified, experienced and well versed with customization and custom development on Salesforce.

Salesforce has been bringing about innovation and change in the industry by upgrading their platform and solutions three releases a year with 99.98% uptime record. Their platform level innovation around how customer use and innovate with the company is due to their recent Lightning Platform which is gaining momentum because it’s fast, easy, and fun way to build apps.

The Lightning Platform makes app development fast, easy, and fun.

  • It’s fast because it empowers all types of developers at every level with the right tools they need.
  • It’s easy because of the powerful services built right in.
  • It’s fun because learning how to build on the platform takes hours instead of months or years.